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Whether your benefits have been delayed, you have been denied benefits, you have not received enough benefits for your losses, your insurance company has refused to defend you against a claim/lawsuit, or your insurance company has declined an opportunity to settle a case against you for an amount within your policy limits – we are here for you when you need us most. Our trusted Ventura County attorney will go the extra mile in order to exceed your expectations. Do not hesitate to retain the immediate representation of the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock.

A promise of good faith and fair dealing is implied in law, in insurance contracts. This promise is considered "in" the policy, even though it isn't set forth in writing. Instead, it is in addition to the written promises of your insurance. This promise means that an insurance company should not do anything that frustrates its insured's rights to the benefits of insurance, even if the insurance company's action(s) or omission(s) do not violate the written terms of the contract. Violations of this promise may constitute "insurance bad faith."

What constitutes bad faith?

Refusal to defend you
Refusal to settle a case against you
Unreasonable delay in paying benefits
Refusal to pay benefits due under the policy
Violations of the Unfair Claim Practices Act​
Unfair actions meant to reduce the amount legitimately due you under the policy

What this means is that, if your own insurance company is not paying benefits due and/or not treating you reasonably and fairly, you may have more than just the right to sue them for breach of contract. You may also have the right to sue for insurance bad faith (or "breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing"). Such a claim and cause of action may allow inquiry into how the insurance company has handled other claims and allows for the possibility of the recovery of punitive (i.e., punishing") damages. It is important to note that the statute of limitations for this is shorter than the statute for breach of contract.

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Our goal is to get your claim resolved and paid, to defend you from your insurance company, and to get your insurance company to settle the claim and/or case against you. We can help you become aware of and to preserve your right to pursue a bad faith claim if you are forced to sue. The initial consultation is free.

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