Real estate is often a person's most significant physical asset. Because it is expensive and important and because there are rights and obligations connected with the ownership of real estate, real estate can give rise to litigation in a number of ways. Disputes, for example, can arise as to the following:


  • Disputes over Purchase/Sale Agreements (refusals to complete sale, disputes over the right to rescind and over the return of the deposit)
  • Counseling regarding disputes arising in purchase/sale transactions*
    • (*We do not act as a real estate broker or agent and do not handle purchases, or sales for clients. We believe that is what brokers and their agents are for. We are lawyers, however, and can and do help when legal disputes arise.)
  • Nondisclosure and/or Misrepresentation Matters
  • Dangerous Condition of Property Cases
  • Nuisance Cases
  • Easement and Boundary Line Disputes
  • Surface Water/Changing the Natural Course of Surface Water Disputes
  • Breach/Violation of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (C,C&Rs)
  • Enjoining Wrongful Foreclosures*
    • (*We do not handle debt counseling, bankruptcy matters, or loan modifications, but if you do have a legitimate legal ground for resisting a foreclosure, such as: the holders of a private second deny the modification(s) they previously made with you, or they wrongfully contend you are in default, we have helped such clients take the legal steps to enjoin such foreclosures.)
  • Partition Actions
  • Title Policy Coverage Disputes
  • Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Actions*
    • (*For Landlords Only)

We at the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock have education, training and experience in real estate law and contracts and have represented clients in the above-mentioned types of cases. Because real estate is important, because there are (often short) time limits in many real estate matters and contracts and because there is a general rule in real estate matters that "time is of the essence," be sure to contact the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock early on. The initial consultation is free.

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