Injured in a Slip & Fall Accident?

Our Ventura County Personal Injury Attorney can Recover Damages

Slip and fall claims fall under premises liability law which holds property owners liable for injuries any visitor may suffer from hazardous conditions. A slip and fall can be caused by any number of conditions and when a property owner fails to maintain their home or place of business and eliminate dangers, a Ventura County personal injury lawyer can file a suit to hold them legally and financially responsible.

The Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock works to bring justice to those hurt by other people’s negligence. Our firm has experience with all manner of personal injuries suffered at the hands of a property owner and understands how to go about recovering damages from them to compensate the injured. Our firm is ready to litigate when the negligent party is unwilling to pay you compensation and can fight to uphold your rights in court.

I was hurt—what do I do next?

Depending on where exactly your injury took place, our firm can hold any number of parties accountable, including the owner of the property, the maintenance firm or property manager, a tenant occupying the property such as a retail store, or a government agency responsible for the upkeep of a property.

You need to act fast after you are hurt to protect your rights:

  • Call for help and notify the authorities
  • File an accident report with whoever owns the property
  • Take pictures of the hazard which led to your fall
  • Photograph any visible injuries done to you
  • Obtain the contact information of the property owner and any witnesses to the accident
  • Record specific information regarding when and how your fall took place
  • Seek medical attention right away and retain copies of any documentation
  • Call an attorney to go over your case

Acting quickly is the best means of ensuring you have the best chance at obtaining compensation for your injury. The more time our firm has to build your claim, the stronger case we can make.

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Property owners are responsible for removing any hazards on their property or at least to properly inform visitors of the existence of dangers. Our Ventura County slip and fall attorney can determine if you have a viable claim against a property owner to cover your medical costs related to your injury.

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