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LTD Coverage comes in two basic forms:

A private policy that you purchased for yourself
Coverage you received through your work

Private policies are generally covered by state law, including the law of bad faith. Coverage through work is often covered by ERISA, which is federal law. Unlike other law firms, we welcome, enjoy and handle both types. Whether your coverage is through your own policy, or through a plan or group policy through work, it is important to have knowledgeable legal help early on. This is true for a number of reasons, including:

Short time limits for making appeals
The importance of making a good record
The standard of judicial review
Evaluating plan claims to reduce your benefits because of other benefits you may be receiving
Dealing with the demand of insurance companies and plans for more information (private/privileged)

For more than two decades, we have successfully helped clients with the process and to recover in LTD cases. Our goal is to help keep you educated in this complicated area of the law and to help you document your claim and entitlement to benefits at a time when you are disabled and may feel powerless. Your first consultation is free of charge, so don't delay.

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What processes do we take over?

Enlist our supportive assistance to receive the personalized and effective legal services that you need and deserve. We have extensive legal experience and are fully equipped to handle your case. If you chose to work with the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock, you can rest assured that we will perform the following actions on your behalf, so that you can rest easy.

  1. Reviewing your claim and evaluating its validity
  2. Identifying all conditions from which you suffer (physical/mental)
  3. Collecting and reviewing all of your health care records
  4. Interfacing with your doctors and collecting supporting materials
  5. Hiring and consulting with vocational experts
  6. Obtaining and countering the insurance company's or plan's materials
  7. Evaluating and responding to plan claims
  8. Helping you respond to Requests for Documents and Exams from the Ins. Co. or Plan
  9. Reviewing and countering surveillance videos
  10. Preparing and presenting a LTD appeal for you
  11. Representation in a lawsuit
  12. Dealing with claims for offsets or reductions in benefits

In many cases, pursuing your claim without the assistance of an experienced legal representative can weaken your case. Avoid wasted time. Retain our immediate representation. Our experienced Ventura County insurance dispute attorney understands the ins and out of your case. We can provide you with the aggressive and trusted advocacy that you need at this time.

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