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Were you injured in an accident? Involved in an insurance or real estate dispute? These are serious and often complicated legal matters that require a skilled and seasoned Santa Barbara attorney to handle effectively. When you need help resolving such problems, reach out to a legal professional from the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock right away.

With nearly 30 years of legal experience, attorney Mark E. Hancock fully understands how your life can impacted by legal issues and is why he works hard to obtain the best results possible. Our vast experience, especially as a former underwriter for an insurance company, gives us an edge over other firms. Take advantage of our experience and positive track record.

How We can Help You

We work to achieve your goals and relive you of the pressure of handling serious legal matters yourself.

Our firm handles various issues including:

  • Long term disability/ERISA appeals and litigation
  • Insurance company bad faith
  • Insurance claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Real estate litigation

It is not unusual to need help when buying, selling, or managing real estate of some kind since many laws exist regulating property. If a certain party does live up to their end, you should speak with a seasoned Santa Barbara real estate dispute lawyer who can work to protect your rights and end the problem.

Our firm can handle such real estate issues as:

  • Easements and boundaries
  • Failures to complete purchases or sales and deposit disputes
  • Non-disclosures

Resilient Santa Barbara Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one were hurt in some type of accident, you could be eligible to file a personal injury claim to recover financial compensation. Our firm can work to show the seriousness of your injuries and place responsibility for the accident squarely with the negligent party.

A successful injury suit can recover compensation for your doctor and hospital bills, prescription medication, rehabilitation, lost wages from work, and pain and suffering to help you get back on your feet while you attempt to recover.

Let the Law Offices of Mark E. Hancock protect your rights during a legal dispute. We prioritize your needs to accomplish your goals.

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