Insurance Disputes come in two basic types. The first type is where you (or members of your family) make a claim against your own insurance company (for such things as a fire, a burglary, damage to your house, car or other possessions, or because of an insured death, injury, or illness) and your own insurance company denies your claim or undervalues it. The second type is where you need your insurance company to protect you because someone else is making a claim against you and your own insurance company denies your tender of the defense, refuses to defend and/or indemnify you, refuses to settle the case against you and/or "reserves its rights".

In such cases it is important to have knowledgeable legal help early on, because there certainly may be conflicts of interest between you and your insurance company. Your insurance company may be invoking an exclusion that you dispute. It may be claiming that it doesn't have to pay because your conduct, or the conduct of a family member, was intentional and you deny that. Given the conflict, they may try to obtain statements, to conduct exams under oath, or to get documents from you before you have had the chance to talk with a lawyer about the situation and your rights. They may try to use the rules about notice and proof of loss and/or the statute of limitations against you.

We are uniquely suited to help clients in such situations. We have training in property and casualty insurance contract and experience representing major insurance companies in coverage disputes. In fact, we have won coverage disputes for insurance companies, which education, training and experience we can use to help you: the insured. For over twenty years now, we have successfully helped insureds recover on their claims and helped protect insureds when they have been sued by others. You want a lawyer who has handled declaratory relief, breach of insurance contract and bad faith cases and who has been approved and acted as CUMIS and independent counsel.

Our office has experience with many different types of insurance, including AD&D, Auto, CGL, Condo, Disability, Garagekeeper's, Health, Homeowners, Inland Marine (Cargo), Liability, Life, Property, Title, UM and UIM. Your first consultation is free of charge, so don't delay. Contact us today!


  • Reviewing your policy, your claim, their denial and grounds and honestly evaluating the matter
  • Helping you with notice and proof of loss
  • Helping document and present your claim
  • Representing you at an exam under oath
  • Helping you investigate the possibility of appraisal and helping you with that process
  • Tendering your defense
  • Representing you in cases of conflict, sometimes at insurance company expense
  • Representing you in a mediation, or arbitration
  • Preparing and representing you in a lawsuit

In many cases, pursuing your claim without the assistance of an experienced legal representative can weaken your case. Avoid wasted time. Contact our office today for your free initial consultation.

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